5 Common Office Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to the workplace there are countless mistakes to be made but it is the day to day mistakes, which are surprisingly common, that are the easiest to avoid. Here are 5 of those mistakes to look out for and avoid (or at least not make again, if it is already too late).

Using Email and Document Templates

Copy and paste is a beloved tool but it doesn’t always go as planned. Having an email template is often a good idea, it’s much quicker to copy and paste the text of another email rather than write a new one from scratch but failure to make all the necessary changes can, at best, leave you looking a little silly. Randomly referencing something irrelevant comes off amateurish and having square brackets saying, “add name here” or something similar is even worse.

Giving The Wrong Company Name

Answering the phone and giving the wrong company is second on the list of must avoid office mistakes. Once you have a routine way to answer the phone it can be difficult to break which isn’t great when you start working for a new company. Sometimes you’ll notice your mistake and end up fumbling your words as you try to correct yourself or worse still you won’t realise your mistake potentially leading to all sorts of confusion.

Sending “Reply To All” Emails

Another email related issue that arises frequently is the accidental reply to all. It can often be harmless, just leaving a few people with one extra email they don’t need but sometimes it can go very wrong. For example, naming people in reply to HR, only to reply to all including the named and shamed culprits.


Typos are so common they have become a cliché part of working in the office. What is worse still is it is possible to combine Typos alongside reply to all emails which is a must avoid. Whether you simply type something which makes no sense, type the wrong word or totally change the meaning of a sentence, whenever you put your fingers on the keyboard a typo may arise. Some typos can be funny such as a drink’s new “orginal recipe” but it is definitely best practice to proof read anything you write and avoid typos when in the office.

“How Do You Use This?”

Assuming you know how to use the office equipment. There is nothing worse than needing to photocopy something for a meeting and having no idea how to use the photocopier. Make sure you ask before it is too late and you are left alone trying to figure it out. Printers, photocopiers, print finishers and many other items of office equipment are great products but if you don’t know how to use them that doesn’t really matter. Another must avoid mistake that is commonplace in offices is saying you know what you are doing then gazing in bewilderment rather than just admitting you don’t know how to work the office equipment – you definitely want to avoid that happening to you, so make sure you are clued up.

How many of these mistakes have you made? now you know what to look out for. So make sure you check your emails, remember where you work and to ask how to use the printer if you are unsure in future.