Common Office Issues Everyone Wants to Avoid

When it comes to office supplies and equipment there are often issues that take your momentum and bring you to a standstill, slowing down your day and being an inconvenient nuisance that you would rather have avoided. Here is a look at three of those incredible annoying office supply issues everyone wants to avoid.


Spills are a common occurrence in most places, whether it is a glass of juice at home or paper clips at work. Although it is almost undeniable that the latter is more frustrating. At work you are busy with better things to do than fumble around picking up paper clips or worse still drawing pins. When it comes to paper clips you are usually safe to scoop up a large portion of them and then target the remaining clips one at a time but with drawing pins it is one at a time from the start and it is a tedious and frustrating process. When you spill paper clips, drawing pins or anything else in the office it is always frustrating but never more so when it is down to a loose lid that has fell off, knowing that had someone bothered to put that lid on properly you would not be in this predicament just adds insult to injury.


This one will resonate with a lot of people and it is the infernal hunt for the stapler. Many offices seem to have just the one stapler which is to be shared by an entire office – an entire office that leave it on their desk when they are done. Despite announcements of “who has the stapler?” you never seem to receive an answer. The culprit is likely making a call, has ear phones in or is indisposed in some capacity therefore not giving you an answer and leaving you to scour every desk until you find it. In the event that you manage to find the stapler when you need it you are often left without staples reducing the stapler to an extravagant paper weight. Should you locate the stapler and it have staples then you get to embark on the tedious process of stapling your documents by hand, facing staples that don’t pierce all the paper or a long process of stapling countless documents. The best solution will be to purchase an electronic stapler to speed up the process and offer you consistently good results.

Paper cuts

They are small and usually insignificant and often they do not even hurt until you realise you have one but none the less they are one of the most common inconveniences caused by the most common office supply – paper. Whether it is a post-it note, a nicely bound document or simply a piece of paper the threat of a paper cut is very real and whilst it isn’t life changing we often act like it is. If there is one thing worse than a paper cut that stings as you type or gets blood on your documents its listening to someone else’s anguish regarding their paper cut.

The biggest issue with all of the above is that you never really consider them until your find yourself in the dreaded situation, but with due diligence and investment in great office equipment hopefully you can avoid these frustrating workplace inconveniences.