Cool Office Gadgets You Will Want After Reading This

Office gadgets are awesome. They are perfect for filling in time why you wait for the slow WIFI or for creating conversation that doesn’t start with “how was your weekend” or “what are you doing this weekend”. In fact, with these gadgets work is going to be much more fun so you won’t be thinking about the weekend away from the office quite as much. Sure, to make your days in the office a little more fun and interesting here are 6 of our favourite office gadgets and desk top toys.

  • Newton’s cradleGranted, it is a little bit old school but the newton’s cradle is a long-time hero of the office desk. In an office surrounded by technology; phones, computers, laptops and more, it is nice to get back to the brilliance of non-technological science. This ingenious contraption is sure to become a beloved part of your office.
  • Fidget spinnerThe fidget spinner has become a huge trend. The internet is full of memes about and the shops are full of this nifty little gadget. Although you may not think it the fidget spinner was originally thought up as a way to keep wondering, fidgety hands busy so that the user could pay better attention to the task at hand. So not only do they look really cool and trendy but they will help your focus – something we could all use at times. And we are pretty sure your colleagues would rather see you whirling a fidget spinner than clicking
  • Sudoku cubeWant to sneak in a little break without your boss knowing, or maybe you just need to kill the last ten minutes of the day? The sudoku cube could be perfect for you. It is best described as a combination of sudoku and a Rubik’s cube, with the solution to the puzzle is to have the numbers 1 to 9 on all six faces of the cube. Learning to master this amazing office is an impressive feat. Can you complete this fun, yet challenging puzzle?
  • USB cup warmerWhen at the office there are few things greater than an amazing hot drink. Unfortunately, when in the office your hot drinks never seem to stay hot for long, you’re so busy working by the time you go to take a sip it has already cooled down far too much. This will be an issue no more thanks to the wonderful gadget that is the USB cup warmer – just plug it in and set you’re your cup upon the warming plate.
  • R2-D2 Star Wars desk vacuumIf you love Star Wars and have a habit of leaving crumbs at your desk then this amazing gadget is a must have. Small, portable and complete with a usb charger this mini vaccum will make sure your desk remains crumb free. Plus it looks really cool, who doesn’t love R2-D2?

What do you think of these amazing desk top toys, puzzles and gadgets? They’re not going to be as vital to your work as the laminator or paper shredder but they definitely deserve a place in your office and on your desk.