Reconditioned Equipment

We already have low prices for amazing quality, big brand equipment but you can reduce your costs further with our range of reconditioned equipment. They are reconditioned to perform as good as new, making them a great alternative for small home offices or anyone who wants to stretch their budget further to get more print finishing equipment to add to their arsenal.

This range of reconditioned print finishing equipment is filled with products from huge names and industry leading manufacturers so you can trust they offer a great performance.

There is something for everyone in our reconditioned print finishing section as we stock reconditioned creases, reconditioned wire binders and more amazing print finishing equipment.

Duplo Digital System 2000 (Sold)
Morgana DigiFold Pro 2017 Model (Sold)
Plockmatic Morgana 104 SquareFold (Sold)
NEW: GBC AP2 Plastic Comb Die @ £350 + VAT (Sold)
Morgana DocuFold Folding Machine (Sold)
Morgana CardXtra Plus (Sold)
Morgana Major Paper Folding Machine (Sold)
Ideal 4850-95EP Electric Guillotine (Sold)
2nd User Duplo DB280 Perfect Binder (Sold)
Renz DTP 340M & Plastic Comb Die (Sold)
Ideal 5221-95EP Guillotine (Sold)
GBC Magnapunch Including 3 Dies (Sold)
GBC Catena 105 Roll Encapsulator (Sold)
Refurbished KB4000 PUR Perfect Binder (Sold)
Used Horizon BQ-160 Perfect Binder With CRB160 Cover Creaser (Sold)
GBC CombBind C800 Pro (Sold)
Showroom KB4000 PUR Perfect Binder (Sold)
Morgana Major Paper Folding Machine (Sold)
Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 50
JBI Alphadoc Including 3:1 & 2:1 Square Wire Punch Dies (Sold)
Velobind VB 373+ (Sold)
Morgana DigiCreaser (Sold)
Magnapunch, PB2600 & Dies (Sold)
JBI Alpha-Doc Punch & CW54 Wire Closer (Sold)
Ideal 5221-95EP Guillotine (Sold)
IDEAL 4850-95EP Guillotine (Sold)
GBC Magnapunch 2.0 & 3:1 Pitch Wire Die (Sold)
GBC AP2 Ultra Automatic Punch (Sold)
Fastback 15xs Binding Machine (Sold)
Eurofold 235 SM with Batch Counter (Sold)
Duplo Dynamic DBM120 Bookletmaker & Trimmer (Sold)
Duplo DFC-100 10 Station Collator including Optional Base (Sold)
Duplo DC-445 (Sold)
Reconditioned Linea 650 With Stand (Sold)
EBA 435EP Electric Guillotine with Programmable Control (Sold)
Morgana Autocreaser (Sold)
WireBind Karo 40Pro Wire Binder (Sold)
Renz ECL 360 Electronic Wire Closer (Sold)
Touchline C375 (Sold)
Ideal 4315 Electric Guillotine (Sold)
IDEAL 2604cc Shredder (Sold)
GBC TL2900 Wire Closer (Sold)
GBC TL2900 Wire Closer
GBC Catena 65 Encapsulator (Sold)
Fastback 15xs Binding Machine (Sold)
EP28 Plastic Binding Electric Punch (Sold)