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IDEAL 6660 Guillotine

The Ideal 6660 Guillotine is one of the leading guillotines on the market and can greatly improve your cutting experience, with our memory key for repeat cuts making it simple for users to use the Ideal 6660 Guillotine.

Guillotine with automatic clamp and programmable EP power backgauge.


Features of the Ideal 6660

650 mm cutting length.

Electro-mechanical blade and clamp drive.

Automatic clamping system (clamp can be lowered or raised independently from blade).

Power backgauge with fully programmable EP backgauge control module.

Digital display for measurement readout in cm or inches (display accurate to 1/10 mm or 1/100 inch).

10-button key pad for presetting of measurement.

Memory key for repeat cuts.

Programmable EP backgauge control module for 99 programs with 99 steps in each program (up to 9 repeat cuts can be integrated into a program as one single program step)

Cutting length: 650 mm

Cutting height: 80 mm

Narrow cut: 25 mm

Table depth: 610 mm

Power supply (other voltages available): 230 Volt / 50 Hz / 1~ (other voltages available)

Motor performance (input capacity):1,42 kW

Dimensions: H 1290 x W 992 x D 1220 mm

Dimensions with side tables: H 1290 x W 1565 x D 1220 mm

Weight: 312 kg

Weight with side tables: 321 kg