The benefits of an in-house shredding system

Whether you are operating from a small home office or a large business having a shredder is vital for securing your client’s privacy and correctly disposing of sensitive information. As well as this, shredders are also much more environmentally friendly than alternative paper waste solutions. Read this article on 5 reasons your office should have a paper shredder.

Improved Security

One of the biggest risks to any business is fraud and one of the easiest ways to fall victim to this crime is by allowing important information and details to slip through the net. This sensitive information should be disposed of properly, meaning any documents containing such information need to be shredded. Neglecting to shred your unneeded documents can be a costly mistake so do not take the chance, invest in an office shredder.


Many businesses are legally obliged to destroy documents to protect a clients’ privacy. It is one thing to fall victim to fraud but allowing a client to fall victim to the crime is particularly damaging to a business. In addition, allowing details of your clients to make their way outside of the business can put your client on a competitor’s radar which can make life a little more difficult for any business.

Lowered costs

Shredding your documents is undeniably a vital part of a business and the most cost effective solution is buying a shredder, whether it is a high-capacity shredder or just a small desk-side shredder. The alternative is to hire a mobile shredding service but the continuous need for the service would make this option much more expensive and more time consuming than a one-off purchase of an office shredder.

Paper waste management

Paper containers can hold more paper if the paper is shredded. This means the paper bin will need emptying less frequently, this works best if you shred all unneeded documents, not just ones containing sensitive information. This small improvement can increase an offices efficiency, and time is money thus making an office shredder a worthwhile investment.

Environmentally friendly

Shredding your documents is also potentially good for the environment as the shredded paper strips can be used in place of Styrofoam when shipping items. Not only are you recycling the paper but you are removing the use of non-biodegradable Styrofoam.

It is clear that having a paper shredder in the office is a great idea, if not an essential one. Paper shredders are inexpensive and can save you a lot of time and money as well as ensuring you protect yourself and your clients. A paper shredder can make sure your documents are disposed of properly and you stay within the remits of the law when it comes to data protection.