Foldnak Trimmer

Foldnak Trimmer

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The Negael Trimmer Gives the booklet an accurate front trim. Advantages: No expenses for staff, fast processing, no operating errors and no intermediate stacking. Nagel quality pays off: The upper transport belts come together in the shape of a funnel, even thick booklets are fed without problems. The Nagel Trimmer can be linked to the Foldnak 8, Foldnak 40 and SP Plus Online. It can also be integrated into an existing bookletmaking line. The NAGEL TRIMMER with pressing station. The run-on of the transport belt can be adjusted to ensure that the front trim will be exactly parallel to the fold of the booklet. The booklets are pressed before trimming to make them lie flat and give them a sharp fold. This pressing function makes the Nagel Trimmer unique in its class. Operating the trimmer is easy: After a change of format, only the trimming position must be adjusted.


DimensionsL 960mm x W 550mm x H 870mm
Electrical requirements230v 50hz
Product weight160kg\’s
Shipping weight250 kg\’s