IDEAL 5221-95EP

IDEAL 5221-95EP

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IDEAL 5221-95EP Electronically Programmable 520mm Guillotine The IDEAL 5221-95 EP is a fully featured programmable guillotine capable of cutting the full range of B3 materials. Back gauge position is fully programmable, automatic clamping of paper, optical cutting guide, paper push function and manual control for precise positioning of the back gauge add up to a highly productive package. Error messaging, side lay guides and full safety features further enhance the IDEAL 5221-95 EP guillotine’s appeal as a production machine. Information – Business Owner The IDEAL 5221-95 EP is designed for optimal performance at the popular 52cm B3 format. The full range of programmable functions offers maximum productivity while IDEAL has not ignored the need for safety aspects, which are delivered through the IDEAL Safety Cutting System. The programmable keypad stores the settings for 99 jobs and can recall previous job sequences using a memory key. An option of side tables to aid loading and unloading will further boost throughput. A self-diagnosis fault finding system will keep downtime to a minimum. Information – Operator Programmable keypad shows cut accuracy to 0.1mm on a digital display and takes a memory key to store the settings for repeat jobs. An EJECT function pushes paper forwards. The clamp has guides on both sides to ensure an even distribution of clamping pressure. The transparent hood locks down during the cutting process and swings away for ease of loading and unloading. The electric back gauge wheel controls the pace of back gauge movement while offering finesse to the positioning of the back gauge for absolute precise control and to line up the cut position accurately with the red LED cutting line. Back gauge control to hold 99 programmes, each with 99 steps Accuracy to 0.1mm with digital display Optical cutting line for precise alignment to cutting marks Electro-mechanical clamp Electro-mechanical blade Double sided clamp gauge Self diagnostic system Electronic hand wheel for precision positioning of back gauge Maximum cutting length of 520mm, minimum 35mm Cutting height 80mm