EBA 435E Guillotine

EBA 435E Guillotine

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The EBA 435E Guillotine has been designed for use in offices, copy centres, copy shops, home printing offices and small print shops. Ideal wherever paper has to be cut quickly and precisely without a major investment in technology. Due to the compact nature of these machines they fit into the smallest area. The EBA 435E Guillotine offers high cutting performance which is easy and safe to operate with a new digital display. Features include: Electro-mechanical blade drive, manual paper clamp, spindle driven backgauge with digital display for precise positioning, precision side lay, optical cutting line with LED\’s. Supplied with a knocking up block. This is a bench top model but does have the option of a stand or cabinet available at extra cost. Picture shows optional cabinet. SCS (Safety Cutting System) within the EBA 435E Guillotine: – two-hand safety activation with repetition blocking and control for synchronous operation – electrically secured, transparent front safety guard,which swings out of the way easily – transparent safety cover on the rear table – safety drive with integrated mechanical and electrical overrun security – automatic blade return from every position – disc brake for instant blade stop – 24 volt control (low voltage) – main switch and safety lock with key – easy and safe blade change from the front of the machinewithout removing covers – blade changing device with covered cutting edge – blade depth adjustment from the outside of the machine – cutting stick can be turned or replaced easily from the outside of the machine – knocking-up device Other key features of the EBA 435E Guillotine: electro-mechanical blade drive manual paper clamp spindle driven backgauge with hand crank digital measurement readout for backgauge positioning (mm or inches) precision backgauge spindle precise side lay optical cutting line with bright and durable LEDs high quality blade made from “Solingen steel” solid steel blade carrier and adjustable blade guides table top version; stand or cabinet available at an extra cost


DimensionsL 650mm x W 750mm x H 355mm 1044 with stand, 1080 with cabinet
Electrical requirements240v 50/60hz
Product weight78 kg\’s – 88 kg\’s with stand – 107 kg\’s with cabinet