Fastbind Optima

Fastbind Optima

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Optima, as all models of the Fastbind’s new generation of binders, offers the largest flexibility. This semi-automatic perfect binding machine quickly produces books with hard or soft covers, tapes, etc. The Fastbind Optima is ideal for print/copy shops, publishers, binderies, school yearbooks and photographers. The end result is a strong, square and affordable perfect bound document. Versatile applications Constant high quality binding Spine preparation for difficult papers Easy to use Semi-automatic glue application The Fastbind Optima features an automatized glue application, which ensures even and constant binding results for on-demand or medium runs of book production and allows a “stand-by” temperature selection. Roughener – PGO Easy to use Fastbind Optima Elite features the exclusive Paper Grain Opening (“PGO”) system. Unlike other spine rougheners that grind the spine creating lots of noise and dust, the PGO opens the paper grain with very little noise and there is no paper dust! The operator can control the number of PGO passes that need to be made to ensure a solid bind. It’s easier to learn than an office copier! Anyone can be making professional quality books and reports in minutes. There are no set-up times or book format adjustments. It self adjusts for book thickness from 2 to 400 pages. Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Capacity cycles/hourUp to 450 Up to 450
Capacity books/hour*Up to 180 Up to 180 (* Production time depends on operator)
Min-max binding thickness0.004–1.6˝ 0.1–40 mm
Max. binding length12.6˝ 320 mm Max.
Binding height9.3˝ 235 mm
Max cover thickness** 225 index 400 g/m² (** Depending on specification of material)
Voltage110–115 V 220–240 V
Frequency50–60 Hz 50–60 Hz
Current7A 3.5 A
Machine dimensions (w x d x h)35˝ x 1907˝ x 19.7˝ 890 x 500 x 500 mm
Net/gross weight117 lbs 53 kg