Automatic Punches

Here at Glendale presentation we have an array of professional, high quality automatic punching machines from top brands, including JBI and Renz. Whether your paper is laminated, an irregular size or glossy we have an automatic punch machine that can deal with your paper punching problems. We can provide you with the most efficient automatic punching machines on the market all of which are tremendous quality and available for a competitive price.

We have something for everyone, so whether you have a large office and need to increase your paper punching efficiency and quality or if you are an individual working from a home office without the time to manually punch your paper, we can provide you with a solution.

Not just any solution, however, we can provide you with the very best solution thanks to our in-house experts who can help you through choosing your automatic punching system, should you need it.

EX 610 Series
Renz AP360 Automatic Punch
Renz AP 300 Compact
JBI DocuPunch MINI Automatic Punch
JBI DocuPunch MINI Automatic Punch
JBI Docupunch Automatic Punch
JBI Alphadoc Automatic Punch
JBL Alphadoc
GBC AP2 Ultra Automatic Punch