Cold Wide Format

We stock a great range of the very best cold wide format lamination machines, here at Glendale Presentation and Graphics. These top quality cold wide format laminators are from big brands such as Easymount. Our machines are perfect for both small home offices and big corporate offices. If you need a laminating solution, we have it and it can be found right here among our wide format lamination range. These machines are the ideal choice for protecting your work and documents, strengthening them, and making them water proof as well as more durable, laminating is an essential part of a print finishing process and our cold wide format lamination machines are an essential part of the office.

Delve into our cold wide format lamination range and discover the perfect machine for your needs or call us to receive help from one of our experts.

Easymount Sign 1600 Hot
Easymount Sign 1600 Cold
Easymount Sign 1400 Cold
Easymount EM-880 Wide Format Laminator
Easymount EMS-650 Wide Format Laminator