Card Creasing Machine

Here at Glendale we stock a wide range of card creasing machines which will make a perfect addition to your print finishing equipment and process. These incredible machines are from top quality manufactures such as Duplo and Cyklos, which is why we are sure you will love them. All our card creasing machines come with free installation and operations training as well as free delivery within mainland UK.

If you are struggling to navigate through this vast array of high grade products, contact us and speak to our experts for help choosing the best card creasing machines for you and your print finishing requirements. We are dedicated to helping you and we know our great creasers can help you and your print finishing process which is why are determined to help you find the perfect match for your needs.

Duplo DC-618 Pro
Multigraf Touchline CP375 DUO & TCF375
Multigraf Touchline CP375 DUO & TCF375
Creasestream Mini Auto Feed
Creasestream Mini Quick Feed
Multigraf Touchline CP375
Morgana Electrocreaser 52 Electronic Document Creaser
Morgana Electocreaser 36 Electronic Document Creaser
Morgana Docu-Crease 35 + 52 Manual Document Creaser
Morgana DigiCreaser Electronic Document Creaser
Morgana Digi-Fold PRO Electronic Document Creaser
Morgana AutoFold Pro Automatic Folding Machine
Morgana Autocreaser Pro 50 Electronic Document Creaser
Morgana Autocreaser Pro 33 Electronic Document Creaser
DUPLO DC-615 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser
DUPLO DC-615 Pro Slitter/Cutter/Creaser
Cyklos KSL 435 Creasing Machine
Cyklos KSL 320 Creasing Machine
Cyklos GPM 450 Speed. Creasing And Perforating Machine
Cyklos GPM 450 SA Creasing & Perforating Machine
Cyklos GPM 450 Creasing & Perforating Machine
Cyklos GPM 320 Creasing & Perforating Machine
Cyklos GPM 315 Creasing & Perforating Machine
CreaseStream Mini Standard - Desktop Creasing Machine
Manual Creasing Machine Machines
A3 Electric Creasing Machine
Multigraf Touchline CF375 Creaser Folder
Duplo DC446 Creaser
DUPLO DC-645e Slitter/Cutter/Creaser
Multigraf Touchline CPC375
Duplo DC646
Duplo DC646 Pro
DUPLO DC 616 Pro Multifinisher
DC 616