Desk Side Shredders

Desk side shredders are the perfect paper shredding solution for home offices or small workplace environments, giving you powerful shredding in a smaller, compact and space efficient machine. This incredible range contains high performance shredders from industry leading manufacturers such as Ideal.

At Glendale we stock only the very best products, but with so many great desk side shredders on the market from huge name manufacturers we have ended up with an expansive range containing a wide spectrum of shredders to meet a range of varying requirements. If you need assistance navigating this exquisite collection of desk side shredders in order to find the best match for your requirements, then get in touch with us and one of our experts will happily help you find the perfect match.

HSM Securio C18 Range
HSM Securio C16 Range
HSM Securio C14 Range
IDEAL AL1- Aluminium Shredder
IDEAL 2404 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 2403 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 2360 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 2270 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 2260 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 2240 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 2220 Paper Shredder