Double Hot Roller

Double hot rollers bond both sides of a document, fully encapsulating it giving your documents a high level of protection from spills, wear and tear and more. Double hot roller wide format lamination machines are an amazing part of any print finishing process and our machines are from the biggest, leading brands in the industry such as GBC and Easymount.

If you want an outstanding lamination solution, with free delivery, installation, and operation training (to places within mainland UK) then our range of wide format double hot roller lamination machines are the ideal choice for you.

Browse our selection to find the one best suited to your office or contact us to have one of our experts help you choose the best wide format double hot roller lamination machine for your needs.

Excelam-Q Series 1100RS
Excelam-Q Series 1100RS
Easymount EM-1650DH Wide Format Laminator
Easymount EM-1200DH Wide Format Laminator