This is our impressive range of paper folders from huge brands such as Duplo. We are dedicated to giving you the best print finishing experience and our paper folders will fit effortlessly into your print finishing process, whether you are stationed in a home office or a huge print finishing company. Explore our range and find exactly what you need. If you are unsure of what you require, get in touch – we have experts who can help you assess your needs and find the best paper folder for you.

With free delivery to mainland UK as well as free installation and operations training, you can trust that Glendale are the number one place for helping you start and maintain an efficient print finishing process with great quality paper folders from our exquisite selection.

Duplo DF-870
Duplo DF-870
Duplo DF-850
Duplo DF-850
Multigraf Touchline CP375 DUO & TCF375
Multigraf Touchline CP375 DUO & TCF375
Horizon EF-35 / EF-354
Multigraf Touchline CP375
Morgana DigiFold Pro 385
DUPLO DF-1200 Suction Feed Paper Folder
Cyklos CS 325 Smart Card Slitter
Cyklos CFM 700 Paper Folding Machine
Cyklos CFM 600 Paper Folding Machine
Cyklos CFM 500 Paper Folding Machine
Morgana AutoFold Pro Automatic Folding Machine
Morgana DigiFold Pro Paper Folding Machine
Morgana DocuFold Pro Paper Folding Machine
Morgana Major Paper Folding Machine
Uchida F43N Paper Folding Machine
DUPLO DF-980 Paper Folder
DUPLO DF-970 Paper Folder
Duplo DF-755 Paper Folder
Glendale MFM-VS Folding Machine
Glendale MFM-PS Folding Machine
Glendale MFM-FS Folding Machine
Ideal 8306 Paper Folder