High Capacity Shredders

High capacity shredders take all the advantages and positives of shredders (and there’s a lot of them) and can support them in a busy office. They can hold large quantities of paper so they are not permanently being emptied because when they’re not being emptied they can be shredding, helping you dispose of documents correctly and helping keep yourself and your clients safe and protecting you against fraud.

These machines are perfect for busy offices with a lot to shred. They fit into large offices seamlessly with high quality shredding and our range covers everything from high speed to high volume shredding and more so you can trust that we have something to meet your needs. Our in-house experts are also on hand to help you find the perfect machine to meet your requirements. Whether you need to shred full leaver arch folders of documents or need to shred your documents fast we have something for you and your office.

Intimus 16.86 SmartShred
IDEAL 5009 - C/C Shredder
IDEAL 4605 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 4107 Paper Shredder
Ideal Paper Shredder
HSM SP 5088
HSM SP 5080
HSM Powerline FA 500.3
HSM Powerline FA 400.2
HSM Powerline 450.2
intimus 16.50S
intimus 852 VS
intimus 852 CC3