Office Shredders

Office shredders are the perfect size – not taking up too much room whilst still holding enough paper that it does not need continually emptying. Here at Glendale we offer a selection of the very best office shredders from trusted brands including Ideal so that you can be sure you are buying a high-grade machine that will not let you down and can work effortlessly in tandem with your other print finishing equipment.

Whilst all these incredible machines perform to a high level there are subtle differences which make some office shredders preferable when it comes to meeting certain needs. To help examine your requirements and find the machine to meet them, just call us and talk to one of our experts.

HSM SECURIO B24 - 4.5 x 30 mm
HSM SECURIO AF300 - 4.5 x 30 mm
HSM Pure 830 Range
HSM Pure 740 Range
HSM Pure 730 Range
HSM Pure 630 Range
HSM Pure 530 Range
HSM Pure 420 Range
HSM Pure 320 Range
Rexel Autoplus 650 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 4005 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 4002 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 3803 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 3105 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 3104 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 2604 Paper Shredder
IDEAL 2503 Paper Shredder