Wire Binding Machines UK

Here at Glendale Presentation we have an unrivalled range of wire binding machines UK systems to suit your requirement. Our range contains wire binders from Renz and GBC with binding machines suitable for everything from a small home office through to large industrial calendar production systems.

Browse our extensive range to find the right wire binder for you or contact us to speak to one of our knowledgeable experts for advice and guidance finding the perfect wire binder for your needs.

Renz Wire Go 2:1
Renz Wire Go 3:1
GBC TL2600 Wire Closer (Automatic)
GBC Magnapunch PRO
GBC Magnapunch PRO
Renz DTP340A (Semi-Automatic Electronic Desk-Top Punch)
Renz Desktop Punch
Renz SRW 360 ComfortPLUS
Renz ECO 360 ComfortPLUS
Renz 2:1 Pitch Wire Binding Elements
JBI PB 3300 Electric Wire Binder
JBI Manual Closer
wire binder troubleshooting
GBC Wirebind E Karo 40 Pro
GBC MC12 Wire Closer
Standard Wire Binding Elements
Renz TC 20 Thumb Cut Hole Punch
GBC TL2900
Renz ECL 700 Electronic Wire Closer
Renz ECL 500 Electronic Wire Closer
Renz ECL 360 Electronic Wire Closer
Renz WBS 360 Closer
Renz SUPER 700/900 Electronic Heavy-Duty Punch
Renz DTP340A Semi-Automatic Electronic Desk-Top Punch
Renz DTP340M Electronic Desk-Top Punch
GBC MagnaPunch Electronic Desk-Top Punch
GBC Magnapunch 2.0 Electric Desk Top Punch
Renz ERW Electronic Wire Binder
Renz Eco E Electronic Wire Binder
Renz SRW360 Binder (Comfort Electronic Wire Binder)
Renz Eco 360 Comfort Electronic Wire Binder
JBI Tri-O 34/50 Manual Wire Binder
GBC Copy-Pro Twin Manual Punch and Wire Binder
Renz SRW 360 Manual Wire Binder
Renz SRW 360 Manual Wire Binder
Renz Eco S 360 Manual Wire Binder
Renz Eco C 360
JBI PB34 Manual Wire Binder