150 Booklet System-5102x2409
150 Booklet System-5102x2409
DBM-150 + DSC 10_60 angled - with shadow-1600x1067
DBM-150 + DSC 10_60 reverse angle - no shadow-1600x1067
Stacked booklets (2)-1600x1067
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Duplo DBM150 Booklet System

The Duplo 150 Booklet System permits you to enter levels of professional booklet making by combining the convenience of the DBM-150 Booklet maker and the power of the DSC-10/60 Collator. Starting with this system allows you to join a growth path for your business. Adapt and change the system as your needs develop by changing the collator to sheet feeder for sequentially printed jobs, or the booklet maker to a larger, faster alternative from the Duplo range.

Built around the DSC-10/60, a heavy-duty feeding system, provides the user with the power, reliability and flexibility to handle a wide range of material with consistent results. Heavy stock, laminated, pre-folded, whether produced from a digital or offset press, can be handled confidently using the Duplo AMS (Air Management System) that allows the operator to fine tune air control for each feed tray. Using Block Mode operation enables the feed trays to be loaded on the run, improving productivity, whilst the optional Ultrasonic kit automatically identifies double sheets, a
superior feature to common light-based detection systems especially for heavy cover stock.

The DBM-150 Booklet maker and Trimmer, a compact integrated system that sets up automatically from job memories to staple, fold and fore-edge trim to create a booklet or flat document. A wide variety of booklet formats from smaller-than-CD to A4 portrait finished size are possible. The ease-of-use is further enhanced by staple heads which use easy-change cartridges and can be replaced with a loop-staple version to form ring staples suitable for filing. Connecting the collator and booklet maker is a transport unit with reject tray to outsort incorrect sets,
allowing operation to continue without interruption, another feature that maintains automatic quality control and production levels without unnecessary stoppages. Also included is a hand-feed tray that allows a booklet of up to 25 sheets to be made. For when you don’t want to make booklets, the collator can feed to the right side and collect sets in a simple jogger or deep pile stacker; useful for preparing NCR sets, packs of
marketing material, or documents to be coil or perfect bound.

Service the production from offset and multiple digital presses without being restricted to one print engine. The 150 Booklet System provides the platform that lets you translate a wide variety of media, into a range of sizes to meet your customer demands.


Number of Bins                                                 10 to 60

Bin Capacity                                       65 mm

Sheet Length                                      148 to 610 mm

Sheet Width                                       105 to 350 mm

Paper weight                                     50 to 300 gsm

Paper type                                          Sheet, Folded, Cross-folded Envelope (Option)

Detection                                            Double-feed, misfeed, paper jam, Ultrasonic kit (Option)

Feed System                                      Vacuum belt with air sheet separation




Sheet length (saddle staple)        210 to 460 mm

Sheet width (saddle staple)          120 to 320 mm

Media                                                   60 to 130 gsm, Cover 300 gsm

Staple/fold thickness                      Max. 2.5 mm (25 sheets 80 gsm)

Processing speed                             2,400 sets per hour

Staple width                                       70, 108, 160, 258, and 276 mm

Staple capacity                                  5,000 per cartridge

Trim length                                         1 to 20 mm

Trim thickness                                   2 to 25 sheets folded (max. 5 mm)

Corner and Side Staple                   Option kit