Duplo DC 446 Creaser
Duplo DC 446 Creaser
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Duplo DC446 Creaser

The Duplo DC-446 creaser makes greatly reduces the chance of fold lines or any toner cracking making for a higher quality print finish. Not only does the quality of print improve, but the speed of creasing is much quicker than average, turning out 60 sheets per minute. The Duplo Dc446 Creaser can apply up to 20 creases in a single pass with very tight precision, making it perfect for colour print documents. The DC446 is fully automatic and easy to use, meaning greeting cards, postcards, brochures, book covers and more and made much easier!

Features of the DC446 Creaser:

  • Up to 20 creases in a single pass
  • Processes up to 60 sheets per minute
  • Fully automated set up
  • 3.9″ feed capacity
  • 30 memory settings
  • 8-belt air suction feeding system
  • Optional slitting and perforating tools as well as in-line knife folder
  • Optional air knife and double sheet detection sensor
  • No operator experience required

Feeder Capacity

3.9” (100mm)

Input Paper Weight


Input Paper Size

Min. 5.5” x 5.9” Max. 13” x 26”


Up to 60 sheets per minute (letter size, 1 crease)


Up to 20

Job Storage

Up to 30