Duplo 616pro
Duplo 616pro
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DUPLO DC 616 Pro Multifinisher

The Duplo DC 616 PRO Multifinisher is the perfect finishing solution for the short-run, on demand digital printer. Designed to remove white borders and prevent toner cracking on digital color documents, this all-in-one finisher can process up to 6 slits, 25 cuts, and 20 creases in a single pass – bringing efficiency and automation to your post-press operation. Offering a fully automatic setup and quick changeovers, the DC 616 PRO can finish a wide array of full-bleed digital applications including greeting cards, invitations, brochures, book covers, photos, and 24-up business cards without additional modules required.

The Duplo DC 616 PRO comes standard with the PC Controller software for easy job setup via a PC and the CCD scanner, enabling it to recall any job stored in memory simply by reading the printed barcode and automatically set up the job. The scanner also reads registration marks, correcting the sheet-by-sheet image shift and delivering accurately finished pieces every time. The DC-616 PRO also comes included with a perforation unit, which includes two manually-adjustable perforation tools, to perforate along the length of the sheet.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1600mm x 620mm x 1050mm
Weight: 150 Kg
Power Supply / Consumption: 230V AC, 50Hz / 100W
(0.7 Amp)
Input Paper Size Min: 210mm wide x 210mm long
Input Paper Size Max: 320mm wide x 650mm* long
(330.5 x 999mm**)
Finished Paper Size: Width: 48mm, Length: 50mm
Paper Weight Min: 110 gsm
Paper Weight Max: 350 gsm
Paper Curl: Within +/- 3 mm
Paper Type: Uncoated paper, coated paper,
laminated paper
Capacity: 100 mm
Type: Top feed / Belt suction