Surelam Pro 500D
Surelam Pro 500D
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GMP SurelamPro 380D/500D Document Roll Encapsulator/Laminator

The GMP Surelam Pro 380D/500D roll laminator is a heat shoe roll fed laminator designed for the busy office, copy shop or commercial laminating operation. With variable speed control of up to 10 meters per minute and variable temperature control, the GMP Surelam Pro 380D/500D roll laminator can handle all industry standard films up to 500 micron with combination of heat shoes and hot roller system.

Main features of the GMP Surelam Pro 380D/500D:


  • Maximum laminating speed of 7m/min
  • Purpose-built stand (optional)
  • Turbo cooling system
  • Feed guide on feed table
  • Pre-set function 8-bit microprocessor control panel
  • LCD display helps to eliminate operator error
  • De-curling bar to enable single side lamination
  • Heat shoe and hot roller combination
  • Top and bottom film alignment system (patented)
  • Various textured embossing interchangeable rollers (optional)
  • Linen texture, Fine texture, Leather texture or Sparkle texture

Model Surelam Pro  500 & 800
Laminating Speed 7m/min
Laminating Width 500mm / 800mm
Laminating Films 25mic ~ 500mic
Thickness of substrate(Paper) 80g/㎡ ~ 500g/㎡
Power Requirements AC 220V-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 3000W, 12.6A
Warm Up Time 7 minutes
Heating System Heat Shoe Infrared Heater and Hot Roller Internal Infrared Heater
Operating Temperature 150º Max.
Speed Control Key Pad
Temperature Control Key Pad
Pressure Adjustment Manual (5 steps)
Film Core 19-58 WH
Cooling System Blower
Dimensions(WXLXH) 760 X 615 X 460 mm
Type of Main Motor DC W-Geared Motor / 36V80