Ideal 4850 Guillotine
Ideal 4850 Guillotine

IDEAL 4850 Guillotine

The IDEAL 4850 offers both electro-mechanical drive of the cutting blade and automatic clamping in a simple to operate guillotine that comes on its own table. LED lights produce a highly visible cutting line while hand positioning of the back gauge is controlled through a precision scale and spindle drive. IDEAL’s Safety Cutting System is employed to ensure absolute reliability in cutting. Side lays make sure that even the smallest piles are positioned exactly for cutting. The IDEAL 4850-95 covers a range from 475mm cutting length to 30mm and with a maximum 80mm cutting height.

Cutting length:475 mm

Cutting height:80 mm

Narrow cut:30 mm

Table depth:458 mm

Power supply (other voltages available):230 Volt / 50 Hz / 1~ (other voltages available)

Motor performance (input capacity):1,42 kW

Dimensions:H 1296 x W 762 x D 1053 mm

Dimensions with side tables:H 1296 x W 1349 x D 1053 mm

Weight:225 kg

Weight with side tables:234 kg