Ideal 5560 Guillotine

IDEAL 5560 Guillotine

Employing the latest technological advancements in the guillotine industry, the Ideal 5560 provides a fully configured commercial printing solution for the B3 and digital print industry. The hydraulic clamp drive utilised by the Ideal 5560 guillotine enables fine control when cutting meaning that there is no damage to the print work itself. Preclamping is perofrmed through the use of the foot pedal making the machine diverse it terms of usability.

Features of the 5560 guillotine:

  • Fully hydraulic operation of both knife and clamp.
  • Infinitely adjustable clamp pressure.
  • False clamp plate with pre-clamping foot treadle.
  • IR Safety Curtain.
  • LT model has air bed on front and rear tables.
  • 7″ Touch screen control panel.
  • 99 Program memory with repeat cut.
  • Red LED cut line indicators.
  • White LED lights on front table for lighting up work area.
  • Power back gauge.
  • 95 mm Cutting Height.
  • Optional side tables for increased work area.
  • Splits to access through single door ways.

Cutting length: 550 mm

Cutting height: 95 mm

Narrow cut: 32 mm

Table depth: 5700 mm

Narrow cut with false clamp installed: 60 mm

Power supply (other voltages available): 230 V / 50 Hz / 1~ (other voltages available)

Motor performance (input capacity): 1.5 kW

Dimensions: H 1370 x W 1070 x D 1400 mm

Dimensions with side tables: H 1370 x W 1630 x D 1400 mm

Weight: 369 kg

Weight with side tables: 386 kg