Plockmatic 61 Bookletmaker

This machine is extremely simple to operate and has become a standard for many quick-printers across the United States. We offer the PL61 as part of our print finishing equipment range which is the perfect solution for low to mid-volumes and the ability to work inline with a Plockmatic collator makes it a true production workhorse.

Note: The PL61 includes the automatic belt stacker (pictured) and a stand (not pictured).

  • Works inline with Plockmatic 310 & 306 collators
  • Includes side and back joggers
  • Automatic folding & stapling
  • Speeds of up to 1800 booklets per hour (offline)
  • Folding & stapling can be done separately or both at once
  • 7 different booklet types/stapling methods
  • Speed is adjustable to suit operator or application
  • Automatic jam detection