Common Shredder Issues and How to Resolve Them

Securing confidential information is important in any setting and disposing of this information if it is on paper, is essential. Using a paper shredder is a great way to ensure personal information is disposed off correctly if desired. We wouldn’t want any important paper information to go missing and fall into the wrong hands, so it is important to destroy these in a safe and effortless way. However as with any print finishing supplies, things can sometimes go amiss and so, we have a comprised a straightforward guide to help you fix any problems that you should have with your shredder.


1. Help! – My Paper is Stuck

If this happens when you are trying to slot paper into your shredder, most of the time this jam can be resolved easily by putting the shredder in reverse mode, so the paper can be removed. If this does not work, as it is possible for this to happen to most shredders, despite most being named “jam-free”, it may be worth trying to oil your shredder. Don’t worry if this sounds daunting, we cover this later in this guide.


2. My Shredder is Too Noisy

Some believe that a shredder having a bit of a chug and a whir gives it character, but if it is making more noise than normal, this is something that should be dealt with. If the shredder is being overly noisy, it could be a sign that it needs to be oiled. Oiling your shredder regularly helps to keep it in good working order so it functions as best as it can. All it takes is soaking a sheet of paper in shredder oil, running it through the device and then following that up with running a dry sheet of paper through. This ensures the shredder blades are rotating easily without rubbing off each other too much. If you require any further information on this, your shredder’s instruction manual should cover this.


3. My Shredder Suddenly Stopped When It Hadn’t Finished

If this happens, your shredder is likely telling you it just needs a break. Some of the smaller models can need a solid twenty-minute break before they function properly again. Another thing to first try is just emptying the basket as some machines will stop working if the paper basket is full as this can cause blockages.


4. It Won’t Take Paper – Isn’t That It’s Job?

If your shredder is refusing to take any paper at all, this usually means that the cutting mechanism isn’t rotating as it could have stripped gears. This can be fixed by having the machine serviced to fix the problem and allow it to do its job. Or, in some unfortunate cases, the machine may have to be replaced altogether.

If you have any simpler issues, usually looking in the owner’s manual guide can help to solve them. If the issues discussed in this guide occur, it is important to follow the advice written here and make any necessary checks. To limit the risks of these problems occurring, try and take good care of your shredder and invest in a high-quality model.

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