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Finishing Equipment Service

Need A Print Finishing Equipment Service?

We recognise that all equipment, in all industries, can occasionally go wrong. It’s not ideal, but unfortunately it’s a fact of life. This risk of a fault only increases when your equipment is being used continuously, and we recognise you might need to use yours frequently. Additionally, if you are not an expert in print finishing equipment, you may be unsure how to resolve issues, should any happen to arise. This is why at Glendale Presentation Solutions; we have dedicated staff available from 8.30am – 5.30pm weekdays to provide troubleshooting information to help you. If you do require a service visit from Glendale, our highly trained technicians are available to help. Glendale offer affordable maintenance call out rates meaning that our professionals can have your equipment running at its optimum level in no time, causing minimal disruption to your business. We can also put together useful and cost effective maintenance packages tailored to you and your business’ needs. Glendale’s team of technical experts cover the UK in its entirety, meaning wherever you are, we will always help and assist you, and get your equipment back up and running as soon as possible.

Guillotine Service Requirement

It is a requirement to have all electric guillotines checked and inspected for Health & Safety legislation within the UK. Failure to do so may result in invalidation of your insurance policy. It can also head to many other issues. Glendale Presentation Solutions can provide this service country wide. We can offer annual contracts which include the checks needed or one off calls to comply with legislation every six months. Below is a link to the Health & Safety Executive website which explains the requirements that need to be meet: click here