Creating a Great Business Card


Many businesses have different ideas and methods when it comes to making business cards stands out. However, in a lot of cases companies don’t quite latch onto this and create dull and somewhat out-dated business cards. With technology increasing and businesses keeping up with the latest technology, they now introduce different techniques such as lamination, foiling & Spot UV coating, all of which help to make your business card stand out. Here at Glendale Presentation we have outlined some of our top tips for successful business cards.


How do people react?

When you go to meetings and events where other businesses are, how do people react to your business cards? Do they take one and shove it in their pocket? Do they ask for another to pass on? Do they complement the look of the card? These might not seem like important factors, but they are. If they were to bury it away, then you know for a fact that they are not interested in it and nothing has caught their eye, suggesting that they will probably never look at it again. This is not a good sign, however, if they were to ask for another or even admire the card then you have done something right!

What helps them stand out?

When you look at a business card and the company has used a neutral colour as its background it can come across as dull and conservative, whereas if another company used the colour black as its background, then this would be more likely to catch someone’s eye. We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t use neutral colours but if you want your business card to stand out against the rest, using bold and vibrant colours that will catch the eye of potential customers is a great method.

What content is needed?

When it comes to business cards, most companies tend to fill them with all their contact details and before you know it there isn’t any space left for other information or images. Instead of having all the following contact details; office, mobile and fax number, street address, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Choose the ones that you believe as a company will suit your target audience more. For example; if your company is mainly focused and based on social media, then why would the customer need a fax number?

Laminate, Foil & Spot UV

Finally, one of the main factors in making your business card stand out is the use of a lamination films, foils and Spot UV. Using lamination gives the card a protective coating and helps the card last longer, this can help with reducing printing costs. The lamination improves the design of the card, by giving it a glossy, matt or even the very popular, soft touch velvet finish, all of which help it stand out from the rest. Foiling parts of the business card, for example name and logo will catch people’s attention and spot UV coating can take this up to an even level higher. What you can create with business card is now, only really held back by imagination.

At Glendale Presentation Solutions we have different machinery to help you finish imaginative business card that will help them do their job - to get noticed and remembered.