Glendale ColorFlare CF1200 Laminator Foiling System

Glendale ColorFlare CF1200 Laminator Foiling System

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Glendale’s ColorFlare CF1200 Laminator Foiling: Raising ordinary print work to 'extra-ordinary'. ColorFlare has been developed to meet specific print finishing requirements and built to exacting technical standards – with fully controllable pressure and heat processes, devised to deliver optimum results with today's digital print output. 

Both lamination and flaring-film rolls are available in a choice of widths and lengths to deliver great value and cost-effective production – particularly when using the CF1200L model with its extended input table for banners and long media. The CF1200 offers pneumatic pressure which is required to get a great finishing when foiling is required. The pneumatic pressure is supplied by the integrated silent compressor housed in the CF1200 stand. This semi-automatic system is hand feed with automatic sheet separation. Capable of working at speeds up to 10 metres per minute the Glendale CF1200 can laminator over 1300 SRA3 per hour.

A game-changing finishing device from Glendale Presentation Solutions.

Faultless lamination. Class-leading lamination for the commercial printer. Using state-of-the-art technology, combined with integrated pneumatic pressure, the Glendale ColorFlare CF1200 delivers superior bonding and faster production times – compared to standard systems. In addition, the fully adjustable heat and pressure combinations enable a wider range of laminates to be used with printed media, including the traditionally troublesome digital print output! 

Stunning foil-flaring. For today's printers who demand stunning results with that extra ‘wow’ factor – the ColorFlare CF1200 delivers more than just class-leading lamination. Metallic, coloured, patterned or holographic style flaring foils can be added to digitally printed materials in either spot or flood treatments. This decorative effect is known as 'flaring', and traditionally, costly custom dies would be required to create these effects. However, ColorFlare can deliver instant and affordable results - and with upgraded pneumatic pressure, an even wider choice of media is now suitable for great results! Even further-advanced effects can be delivered by combining Intec special corona-treated laminates with Intec decorative effect flaring foils. Clever compound treatments deliver ultra-premium results - all from one compact device! 

Unique differences Visual and tactile decoration. Glendale has a range of specially formulated digital laminates, each featuring an advanced corona treatment, which enables subsequent overprinting through digital devices. This provides the opportunity to further enhance printed materials with additional decorative effects when using a combination of lamination and foil flaring. No ordinary laminating device can achieve anything like these unique and superb results! Speedy and accurate production Turnaround times and waste are further minimised with the Glendale ColorFlare CF1200 unique 'burst separation' system. The laminating film is micro-perforated on the edge by the robust marking device and then separated by the pneumatic burst roller. This easily separates the laminated sheets prior to the actual edge of the media, leaving clean and square datum edges from which to measure, cut, fold or guillotine. Other devices tend to need time-consuming and untrue manual separation.

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ModelColorFlare CF1200
Laminating speedup to 10m/min
Paper weight110-400gsm
Warm up time5 minutes
Hot roller heater systemInfrared heater
Temperature controlTouch screen
Speed controlTouch screen
Roller pressurePneumatic pressure
Film core (mm / inches)77mm 3"
Machine weight187kg