Morgana Booklet System AF2000S


Morgana Booklet System AF2000S


Morgana Booklet System AF2000S


This machine was first sold in 2017 and is in excellent condition. It has hardly been used and the sheet count is under 75000!


This system offers a flexible solution to the production of booklets from digital or litho presses. The full system incorporates a sheet feeder, crease and side trimmer, booklet maker, fore-edge trimmer, and square back unit. This system allows the operator to take the print directly from the press and load into the feeder without the need to guillotine or crease covers beforehand.


The high capacity dual feeder offers the flexibility of two trays to allow continued uninterrupted production. The feeder has a load capacity of 540mm. Pre-collated sets are loaded into the trays for long runs or different weight covers can be loaded into one tray when needed to merged with inner sheets. The CST2000 creaser and side trimmer unit is included within this system. Trim edges are removed from the sheet meaning there is no need to trim with an offline guillotine before production. The creaser can be used to crease covers and inner sheets to stop cracking of print on the spine of digital printed sheets.


The booklet making section is supplied with heavy duty wire stitching heads allowing up to 50,000 stitches per reel. Booklets up to 30 sheets (120 page booklet) can be produced with ease. The fore-edge trimmer is included to give booklets a clean finish without the need to trim offline. Also included in this system is the Morgana Sqaurefold unit. This will automatically feed booklets from the trimmer and produce squared spine flat booklets which give the effect of a perfect bound finish. They offer a superior look to normal booklets and are easier to store and package.


Key product


• Air assist dual bin feeder unit 

• Up to 540mm loading capacity 

• Stitching heads included with booklet maker 

• Up to 120 page booklet production 

• Creaser and side trimmer included 

• Squarefold unit for perfect bound book appearance  

• Sheet sizes - booklet maker. Max 320x470mm, Min 120x210mm

• Production of A6 Booklets


ModelBooklet System AF2000S
Tray Capacity2 x 270mm
Max sheet size350 x 660mm
Min sheet size120 x 210mm
Max paper weight300gsm
Min paper weight60gsm
Cutting capacity in sheets 80g/m²30 sheets
Max sheet size320 x 470mm
Min sheet size120 x 210mm
Stitching heads2
Speed1800 sets/hour