Ideal 5222 DigiCut Guillotine


Ideal 5222 DigiCut Guillotine


Now in stock at Glendale we have this Refurbished Ideal 5222 DigiCut Hydraulic Programmable Guillotine, including optional side tables. In great working condition with full Health & Safety inspection completed. Fitted with a brand new original Ideal blade.

The Ideal 5222 Digicut Guillotine includes a hydraulic clamp drive to enable fine control over the holding of the stack to be cut without damaging the print work. A foot pedal provides preclamping and the optical cutting line indicator ensures that cutting takes place exactly where required. Back gauge movement is automatic, aided by a manual control for precise positioning. The programmable controls set the cut position to 0.1mm accuracy.

Productivity is enhanced through programming of up to 99 jobs. Each job can also include up to 99 steps each. The programmable controls set the cut position to 0.1mm accuracy. Diagnostic display shows error messages to help pinpoint faults that need attention.

A light beam safety curtain on the front table is used on the Ideal 5222 DigiCut. Not only does this offer the best in Health & Safety it also increases productivity, over models with guards, by over 30%. All of this adds up to a showcase the Ideal 5222 Digicut Guillotine as a highly versatile machine able to cope with a wide range of print work and material types.


Model5222 DigiCut
Programmable controlYes - with 99 memory settings
Clamp PressureHydraulic with adjustable pressure
Light Beam SafetyYes
Maximum Cut Length520mm
Narrow Cut22mm or 90mm with False Clamp
Maximum Cutting Height80mm
Table Depth520mm
DimensionsH1310mm x D950mm x W1090mm
Dimensions with side tablesH1310mm x D1650mm x W1090mm
Machine weight328kg or 352ks with side tables