Fastback 15xs Binder

Fastback 15xs Binder

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Refurbished Powis Parker Fastback 15xStrip Binder. 

* Great condition – works perfectly 

* Serviced and maintained – on contract agreement from new. 

* Lightly used – NHS Implant 

This Fastback 15x binder was provide by Glendale when new and has been well maintained since. It has a bind count of just 6782 so has only had light use. 

Fast, and virtually maintenance free, it is the ideal machine for any print shop, copy shop, professional bindery, implant, school or office that wants a full-featured binding solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. This machine works with nearly all of the Powis binding materials, from the versatile Super Strip to the Perfectback® strips for perfect binding paperback books. It can create anything from a simple report, to a 350-sheet hard cover book.

Simple to use the Fastback 15x can books of 350 sheets in just 20 seconds, far quicker than comb, coil or wire binding. Strips are supplied in just three sizes, so there is no need to keep huge amounts of stocks that will hardly be used. This method of binding gives books a professional finishing with the ability to lay flat.


Model15x Strip Binder
Sheet capacity3-350 sheets 80gsm
Strips sizesNarrow (3-120 sheets) Medium (121-250 sheets) Wide (251-350 sheets)
Optimal inner paper weight80-130gsm
Speed15-20 seconds per book
Machine weight26kg
Machine dimensionsW630mm x H240mm x D560mm
Warm up time9 minutes
Edit capabiltyYes