Duplo DC648 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser

Duplo DC648 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser

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Glendale are pleased to announce the addition of the DC-648 to the DC-range of slitter/cutter/creasers


Like the other Duplo DC family, the DC-648 has been designed to allow one operator to fulfil multiple finishing processes in one pass. Speed, durability, and versatility have been enhanced, and where the DC-648 further stands out is through its greater automation, ease of use and connectivity into the user’s workflow, creating efficiency that brings multiple benefits across the customer’s business such as reduced waste, increased accuracy and reduced set up times.


Alongside connectivity, the DC-648 software has also been enhanced to become Industry 4.0 enabled, thus supporting data capture from the finishing device, which can, in turn, be used by the customer’s MIS for further business improvement.


With the DC-648, Duplo is equipping the modern generation of printers with the tools to work as resourcefully, sustainably, and profitably as possible.


  • Air knife
  • Side Air
  • Ultrasonic double feed detection sensor,
  • Automatic Barcode 
  • Job Recall
  • Image Registration (including  skew and shrinkage)
  • Batch separation
  • Elevator Card Stacker
  • PC Controller
  • software
  • PC pole mount


ModelDC648 Slitter
Max Sheet W x L370 mm x 710 mm (1200 mm *) * With optional Banner Feed Tray
Min Sheet W x L210 mm x 210 mm
Paper Weight110 gsm to 400 gsm
Min Finished Size W x L48 mm x 49 mm (28 mm*) * Extended Feature
Tolerance± 0.3 mm business cards; ± 0.2 mm on programmed position * * Can be more with long sheet
Delivery Tray Capacity150mm
Elevator Stacker Capacity90mm
Slits 6 (8 optional)
Maximum Cuts30
Maximum Creases20
Crease Depth AdjustmentAutomatic
Perforation (options)Automatic positioning Strike up/down in X & Y direction
Power230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.7 A
Memory (jobs)250 + PC Memory