CreaseStream Card Creaser Deluxe

CreaseStream Card Creaser Deluxe

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The Card Creaser Deluxe is our budget desktop creasing machine – perfect for samples, low volume and short run creasing work

The CreaseStream Card Creaser Deluxe makes it possible to manually hand wind up to 2 creases simultaneously and easily outperforms the manual hand fed matrix creasing units that are currently on the market. The innovative creasing technology used in the CreaseStream Card Creaser Deluxe will produce excellent quality creasing that eliminates fibre cracking 100% or your money back.It does this by making use of softer and patented creasing devices that gently manipulate and prepare the area of stock so that cracking does not occur during the folding stage, giving you the flexibility to produce either 4pp or 6pp book covers, greetings cards, menus, leaflets and brochures.

  • Outperforming old technology, the Card Creaser Deluxe is up to 6 times faster than low-end handle or foot pedal creasers
  • Can produce over 3,000 creases per hour
  • Produces a wider range of quality creases on a full range of digital stocks
  • Comes with two tools as standard – so you can do multiple creases at the same time
  • Perfect crease registration every time


Maximum Paper Size (W x L)520mm x 520 mm
Minimum Paper Size (W x L)80mm x 120mm
Maximum Paper Weight100 - 350 gr/m2
Maximum Creasing SpeedOver 3000/hour
Speed AdjustmentManual
Creasing Position SettingManual
Feed Table ElevationManual
Dimensions (LxWxH)73 x 35 x 17 cm