James Burn Wire-O Bind 3000S

James Burn Wire-O Bind 3000S

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Wire binding is fast and easy with James Burn Wire-O Bind 3000S Semi-Automatic Binder. This semi-automatic binder has a running speed of 1,000 cycles or documents per hour. Even Wire-O size changeovers including spool replacement is done in less than 5 minutes. A touch screen keypad enables digital adjustment of size and format setup, this eliminates the need for mechanical adjustments and at the same time reduces waste. The WOB3000S automates the process of feeding, cutting, and positioning of the wire element ready for insertion of the document; the machine then sends the document to the closing unit that accurately positions the document without stopping or using paper guides. The binder allows all variations of Wire-O binding styles that can be applied to a range of documents with flush cut or overhanging covers as well with extended index tabs paper stocks. Reduced fatigue is achieved with the machine’s ergonomic design, a large table-top workstation provides a roomy and comfortable workspace. In addition, the machine has safety built-in features for safe operation. Caster wheels make moving of the machine easy for moving and storage even on areas with limited workspace. Take wire-o binding to the next level with the semi-automatic James Burn Wire-O Bind 3000S Semi-Automatic Binder.


  • Versatile: Allows all types of Wire-O binding styles for a wide variety of documents with flush cut or overhanging covers as well with extended index tabs paper stocks, using Wire-O spools or cut
  • lengths.
  • Efficient: Speed up to 1,000 documents per hour. Automatic set up helps reducing waste. 3 types of plug & play reception available to accommodate most workflow modes.
  • User friendly: All size and format setups instantly adjustable by 'touch screen' digital keypad, no mechanical adjustment. Wire-O® size changeovers are done in 2-5 minutes including spool
  • replacement.
  • Ergonomic design: Large table-top workstation helps reducing operator’s fatigue. It small foot print and caster wheels make it fits even in the tightest of space environments, no air required.
  • Safety: Built-in features for optimum operation safety.


ManufacturerJames Burn
Document thicknessUp to 1-1/8" (28 mm)
Cycle speedUp to 1 000 documents/hour
Wire-O sizes3:1 Pitch 1/4" to 9/16" & 2:1 Pitch 5/8" to 1-1/4"
Oversize coversPossible
Reception capacity with standard trayup to 2" (50mm)
Optional adjustable reception binup to 7" (180mm)
Optional conveyor receptionUp to 50 books 3/8" (10 mm) thick
Control panelTouch screen
Format set upFully automatic
Format set up timeless than 2 minutes
Machine dimensions with standard reception ( L x W x H)8'x 2' 10"’x 5' (2250 x 850 x 1540 mm)