Fastback 20 Binding Machine


Fastback 20 Binding Machine


Demonstration Model - Fastback 20 Strip Binder. 

* ‘Like New’ condition – works perfectly 

* Glendale’s own demonstration machine

* Lightly used – only 1981 binds completed

*Documents are fully recyclable

We are offering our own demonstration model Fastback 20 Binder. This binder is in immaculate condition and has had very little use. This will be supplied with a choice of Fastback binding strips. All manuals and the original box are included too.

The Fastback 20 Binder offers unprecedented ease of use with the LCD display that guides the user through each operation using animated illustrations. This binding machine is the perfect addition to all corporations, financial institutions, copy shops, print environments, or education establishments that require high quality presentations, yearbooks or bound documents. The Fastback 20 binder works at a fraction of the time required to bind documents compared to alternative bind solutions such as coil, comb, or wire. Fastback bound documents are also curbside recyclable. When a bound document is recycled, the paper fibers that went into the binding strip as well as the bound pages can be used again in new goods.

Features of the Fastback 20 Binder:

Low, Medium, and Heavy Duty for higher volumes 

Fast and very easy to use – LCD display that guides the user through each operation using animated illustrations 

Binds books in less than 20 seconds 

Binds up to 350 sheets of 80gsm paper (max. 38mm) 

Soft and hard covers available 

Fully recyclable

Produces very professional, high-end documents projecting strong image 

Very strong bind results 

A4 & A5 paper formats 

No punching or spine closing 

Documents open completely flat and stack neatly 


Model20 Strip Binder
Spine lengthsA4 and A5
Spine thickness10-350 sheets 80gsm
Strip sizesNarrow, Medium and Wide
Edit facilityYes
Warm up time3 minutes
Power requirement240v 50hz
Machine dimensions(W)600mm x (D)580mm x (H)230mm
Machine weight30kg