HSM ProfiPack P425

HSM ProfiPack P425

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HSM ProfiPack P425 Cardboard Shredder is the most innovative and heavy duty cardboard repurposing systems on the market. 

Developed in Germany by HSM with the specific need of shredding hard cardboards in mind.

Its intelligently engineered cutting rollers can shred through up to 3 layers of cardboard at a time, providing both speed and functionality.  The HSM ProfiPack P425 consists of a continuous duty motor which makes it the best for applications including high volumes of work.  This cardboard shredder also comes with easy to use features. Conveniently placed rocker switches can be used by operators to turn  in on/off and to reverse the motor in the case of jamming. For maximum performance and cleanliness, a dust extraction system can be  easily connected to it. Furthermore, its use is the safest among shredders as it meets international safety regulations set for  shredders of its class. The ProfiPack P425 Cardboard Shredder, with all its stellar qualities, is ideal for use in places like archives and central shredding points in large work environments.


ModelProfiPack P425
Throughput capacity80 kg/h
Power consumption:1600 W
Voltage / Frequency:220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Intake width:425 mm
Loading height:20mm
Width x Depth x Height:770 x 570 x 1040 mm