GBC MagnaPunch, 4:1 Pitch Coil Die & CC270 Coil Inserter


GBC MagnaPunch, 4:1 Pitch Coil Die & CC270 Coil Inserter


Now in stock at Glendale we have this refurbished GBC MagnaPunch, 4:1 Coil Die and CC2700 Coil Inserter. This equipment has been regularly serviced since new, having been on a maintenance agreement. This full coil system  was previously used within a Public Sector implant and is in perfect working condition.


The GBC Magna Punch is a high volume punch featuring ten interchangeable die

patterns. With its half-second punch cycle and continuous-duty motor, the Magnapunch is ideal for high-volume, high-speed punching productivity of up to 40,000 sheets an hour. Punching can be produced via foot pedal or safety trip switch.


A variety of interchangeable die sets are available so you can support all your punch patterns without tools, locks or levers. Die sets lock in place without the need for tools. The robust and rugged design of the Magna Punch, ensures dependability, productivity and ease-of-use. Featuring ten interchangeable die patterns Die sets lock in place without the need for tools. The Magnapunch is suitable for large production binding runs.

The GBC CC2700 Coil Inserter is a revolutionary multi position load and crimp station for coil binding. The dual action roller system gets spines through the punched sheets with reliable ease and the three position adjustable spine size settings ensure instant accuracy. A built in spine former shapes and stacks for easier binding and comes complete with an easy to use crimper hand tool which cuts and crimps the spine in place. Coil sizes 6-30mm can be used with the CC270. The GBC CC270 can be stationed on top of the MagnaPunch, when space is at a premium, or side by side.


ModelMagnaPunch & CC2700
Punch capacity25 sheets
Punch speed1/2 second
Open throat punchYes
Interchangeable punch diesYes
Punch operationTrigger switch or foot pedal
Coil sizes6 -30mm (up to 250 sheets)
Power requirement220/240v 50/60Hz
DimensionsMagnaPunch W470mm x D500mm x H300mm. CC2700 W457mm x D305mm x H159mm