Nagel Rinak Stapler


Nagel Rinak Stapler


Now in stock at Glendale we have this Nagel Rinak Electric Stapler. This excellent stapler has been regularly serviced since new, having been on a maintenance agreement. This Nagel Rinak was previously used within a Public Sector implant and is in perfect working condition.


Nagel staplers leave nothing to be desired in daily office use. The staplers, both manual and electric, are robust and durable. Flat or saddle stapling, flat or loop staples, small or large volumes and changing formats – Nagel staplers stand out by their versatility.

This Rinak electric stapler is excellently suited for sophisticated stapling jobs in offices, schools, copy shops and printing houses. The simple handling and easy changeover from flat to saddle stapling are indispensable features for a device designed for multiple users. The Rinak produces perfect presentation material quickly and efficiently, even in small volumes.

Key Benefits:

Flat stapling up to 40 sheets

Saddle stapling up to 30 sheets (120 page booklet)

Loop stapling without changeover (distance between staple loops exactly 80 mm for brochures that can be filed)

Stapling power can be adjusted to thin and thick paper layers


ModelRinak Stapler
Flat stapling capacityUp to 40 sheets
Saddle stapling capacityup to 30 sheets
Staple length6-8
Staple types26/6, 26/8, 26/8S, Ri26/6
Staple magazine210 staples
Throat depth in flat30mm
Staple stapling sizeup to A3 folded
Table width270mm
Power supply230v 50Hz
Machine weight7.5kg
Dimensions(W)270mm x (D)370mm x (H)360mm