Duplo 600i Digital Booklet System

Duplo 600i Digital Booklet System

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Duplo’s revolutionary DBM-600 & DBM 600T combined with the DSF-2200 sheet feeder is the ideal near-line solution for high volume digitally printed sheets. The System is configured to meet the ever changing demands of today’s digital printer and is designed to take printed output from multiple sources.

Automated Precision 

The dynamic 600 Digital Booklet System allows you to support the digital printed output of multiple printers, whether from colour or mono presses or different printer vendors: merging together digital and offset sheets, creating simple brochures or complex personalised documents is only a few examples of what this system can do. From the centrally located touch screen PC, the operator can program and fine adjust (0.1mm accuracy) all modules using the icons – all without compromising print production quality and offering high speed professional finishing on a wide variety of sheet sizes and weights.


The powerful 600 Digital Booklet System can finish up to 5,200 books per hour without operator intervention. It combines the robust lines of a large stitching system with exceptional ease of programming. Also, up to 4 heavy duty Hohner heads or loop stitching heads can be installed to accommodate a wider range of applications. The operator can produce booklets, corner and side stitched documents easily, without the use of any tools.

Intuitive PC controller 

The whole system is managed from a single PC controller. It automatically sets up within 60 seconds and changeover between jobs takes seconds without the use of any tools. The operator can create and save jobs with ease for future recall. The 600 Digital Booklet System can confidently finish documents with precision and accuracy. Each bin in the DSF-2200 is equipped with state of the art Ultrasonic Technology. The Ultrasonic Sensor detects if a double feed occurs regardless of ink colour, paper colour and paper density. This enables the operator to feed different paper weights within the same job. This is very useful when variable sheets documents are required.

Superior Feeding System 

The DSF-2200 is equipped with the Duplo AMS+ system consisting of an 8 belt feeding mechanism which enables the feed head to make contact with a large area of the sheet. Each bin comes with three separate high power fans, one to provide suction for feeding, another to provide front air to separate the lead edge of the sheets and a final one to provide side air to separate the sides of the sheets allowing air to flow through the entire length of the sheet for optimal paper separation. The operator can easily manage and control the amount of suction, air and separation to accommodate difficult stocks. Moreover the feed trays on the DSF-2200 can be utilised in five different ways for optimum efficiency. The upper bin provides a loading capacity of 65mm and the lower bin provides a loading capacity of 200mm. Both bins can be used to feed the cover, contents or sets with self covers and can feed a variety of paper types and weights up to 300gsm.

A4 Landscape Format 

The DSF-2200 handles a wide variety of formats and can accommodate sheets up to 610mm long coming from the biggest digital presses. The 600 Digital System produces the popular A4 landscape finished booklets as well as the 300x300mm finished Photo Album. Even when the smallest formats are required (Min: 150x200mm) there is no need for special parts to be added or removed, the machine will adjusts itself automatically. For longer sheets, a smart Trail Edge Air kit provides additional air to assure a good sheet separation.


Model600i Digital System
Feeder capacityMain Tray 200mm, Auxiliary Tray 65mm
Max sheet size356mm x 508mm. 230mm x 608mm
Min sheet size105mm x 200mm
FeaturesOptical Mark Reader, Ultrasonic double sheet detection, Hand feeding, Active anti-static bar, Trail edge air kit.
Power requirement220-240v 50/60Hz
Machine weight115kg
Dimensions(W)920mm x (D)750mm x (H)844mm
Max booklet thickness30 sheets of 80gsm
Max sheet size350mm x 508mm & 230mm x 610mm
Min sheet size120mm x 170mm & 105mm x 297mm
Production speedUp to 5200 booklets per hour
Stitching distance60-320mm
Stitching headsHohner 24-65
Power requirements220/240v 50/60Hz
Machine weightDBM600 377kg, DBM600T 233kg
DimensionsDBM600 (W)1848mm x (D)929mm x (H)1227mm. DBM600T (W)716mm x (D)1124mm x (H)1124mm