Duplo DC616 Pro Slitter/Cutter/Creaser


Duplo DC616 Pro Slitter/Cutter/Creaser


Now in stock at Glendale we have this Duplo DC616 Pro multifunctional finisher. This 2018 model, first sold in May 2019, has processed just 12,000 sheets since new. This Duplo DC616 Pro slitter/cutter/creaser/perforator is in perfect working condition and all rollers, slitters and blades are excellent. Included with this Pro machine is the touchscreen computer and software.

The Duplo DC616 control panel easily enables the operator to quickly access, review and edit up to 80 memorised jobs, with virtually unlimited job storage on the computer hard drive. When a job is started, the camera can scan a printed barcode and automatically setup the tools to correctly finish the printed application. The camera can also scan a printed registration mark that compensates for image drift and ensures the application is finished perfectly every time. In addition to the machine set up, this DC616 includes the ‘Pro’ software wizard, loaded onto the computer, making it simple for operators to create new jobs, make adjustments, and save a unlimited number of jobs, enabling faster changeovers. To make starting up even quicker and easier, the DC-616 also comes with a PDF library containing numerous artwork templates of the most common applications such as, business cards, greeting cards, tickets and postcards. These can be immediately applied to your application artwork and their related pre-programmed job files can be easily downloaded directly on to the DC-616.

The versatility of the DC-616 makes it ideal for finishing full bleed applications in a single pass. Its rotary slitters, guillotine cutter and depth-adjustable creaser provide the versatility of multiple machines without the costly, manual setup and production times. Margins trimmed horizontally by the slitter and vertically by the cutter, are automatically deposited into the large waste bin. Only the finished pieces are delivered into the exit tray. Each of the 6 slitters are independently controlled, providing the operator with the flexibility to produce a wide range of finished applications such as 21-up full bleed business cards.

Creasing digitally printed output prior to folding prevents toner cracking and unattractive fold lines. The creaser utilizes male and female matrix channels to create up to 20 creases across the sheet, enabling documents to be folded with ease. Creasing performance is optimized via the adjustable 3-step crease depth for various paper types and weights.

The DC-616 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser features a 100mm feed capacity stacker and a unique top air-suction feeding system to maintain consistency and productivity. The high capacity feeder allows the system to run for a longer period of time, minimizing constant reloading. The feeding system utilizes two fans instead of a pump for air suction and sheet separation, this reduces the overall noise level of the system, while the air knife provides additional air flow to the stack for improved feed consistency and static reduction.

The DC-616 features a perforating unit that can be easily attached to the exit of the machine and is neatly stored away when not in use. The perforating unit comes with two manually-adjustable perforation tools to perforate along the length of the sheet. 


ModelDC616 Pro
Margin Slitters6 Slitters. 2 side trim, 4 x center (programmable in 0.1mm increments)
Cross Knife CutterMax of 25 cuts per sheet. Ledge edge cut 3.2mm minimum, gutter cut 3mm minimum. Trail edge 5mm minimum
Perforation Unit300gsm max paper weight. 2 rotary perf tools. Positioning is manual.
Barcode and image readerIncluded
Input paper size max320mm x 650mm (330.5 x 999mm with extension)
Input paper size min210mm x 210mm
Minimum paper weight110gsm
Maximum paper weight350+gsm
Paper curlWithin +/- 3 mm
Paper typeUncoated paper, coated paper, laminated paper
Feeder capacity100 mm
Feed systemTop feed / Belt suction
SpeedAll SRA3 sheets per minute. 25-up business cards - 8. 4-up Greeting cards - 7. 2-up A4 - 9. 4-up A5 Postcards 9. 8-up A6 Postcards 7.
Power supply 230V 50Hz
Weight150 Kg
Dimensions (l x w x h)1600mm x 620mm x 1050mm