D&K Europa Laminator


D&K Europa Laminator


Now in stock at Glendale we have this D&K Europa B2 Laminator. This Europa has been refurbished at D&K by their engineers using their approved parts. The laminator is in excellent condition and is running perfectly. 

The Europa is a fully automatic laminator for sheets up to B2 size. Compact and easy to use the Europa is designed with today’s print-on-demand market in mind. Its features make it equally adept at running both digital and lithographic output.

Operation of the Europa is via a Mitsubishi touchscreen control panel. Sheet size, running speed, temperature setting and burst separation are easily set in a matter of minutes for a quick set up. 

The suction feeder offers a deep pile for longer run work and is easily adjustable for a variety of different sheet sizes from 205x220mm to 530x720mm. The Europa can laminate at 20 metres per minute, offering high speed and faster turnaround times for production. Sheet weights of 115-400+ gsm can be run on this automatic laminator.

An infeed roller presents lightweight and digital output to the laminating and nip rollers where a missing sheet detector helps to prevent unwanted wraparounds. The madrel has a hinged support and film can be adjusted laterally on the run to minimise waste and down time. A decurl bar, which may be altered on the run, is fitted to assist in giving a flat result.

The adjustable burster automatically separates sheets up to B2 size. A cushion of air supports the sheet as it is delivered into the catch tray. The catch tray can be adjusted to suit the laminated sheet size.


Maximum sheet size540mm x 740mm
Minimum sheet size205mm x 220mm
Maximum laminating width540mm
SpeedVariable up to 20 metres per min
Stock weights115 - 400gsm+
Temperature range70°C - 140°C
Film thickness24mic - 42mic
Core size75mm
Pile weight250 kg
Nip pressure1.2 metric tonnes
Air requirement10cfm at 100psi
Electrical requirements3phase 400v 6.5kw
Machine weight750kg
Dimension (including collection tray)(L)2880mm x (W)1250mm x (H)1440mm