Morgana Autocreaser 33


Morgana Autocreaser 33


Now in stock at Glendale we have this refurbished Morgana Autocreaser 33. This creaser has been used within a College implant and has been serviced regularly. This Autocreaser is in excellent condition, all rollers are very good and this creaser is in perfect working order. The crease count is under 230,000.

The AutoCreaser provides the complete solution to the problem of cracking that occurs when folding digitally printed output. It is equally effective in dealing with conventionally printed card, laminates or cross-grained stock.

The AutoCreaser is a fully automatic, suction fed device, which is infinitely faster to set up than a platen and is supremely easy to use. It takes a maximum sheet size of 700mm x 330mm and takes stock up to 0.4mm (approx 400 gsm)* including laminated material. It performs 5500 creases per hour on A4 sheet sizes.

The AutoCreaser can also be programmed to make 16 creases in a single pass with a 1mm minimum distance between creases.Individual crease adjustments can be made in 0.1mm increments without affecting other crease positions.The AutoCreaser works by using a creasing rule and matrix action that applies several tonnes of pressure to weaken the fibers of the paper.

The AutoCreaser has a Head-up Display for greater ease of use. This is particularly intuitive as it provides the operator with a series of prompts which are actioned by a single controller. These include positioning of the creases, setting the speed of the machine, storing jobs and counting facility.

Key Product Features

• Fast & easy to setup

• Fully automatic

• Up to 16 creases per sheet

• Takes stock up to 0.4mm (approx 400 gsm)*

• 5500 sheets per hour

• Memory for storing repeat jobs

• Adjustable crease depth & square

• Crease without cracking

• Perforating as standard


ModelAutocreaser 33
Max sheet size330mm x 700mm
Min sheet size140mm x 210mm
Max paper weight0.4mm (400gsm)
Min paper weight0.11mm (80gsm)
Max number of creaser16 per sheet
Speed5500 A4 per hour
Electrical requirements240v 50/60hz
Machine weight120kg
Dimensions(L)1450mm x (W)520mm x (H)1210mm