Plokmatic BM60/61 Bookletmaker

Plokmatic BM60/61 Bookletmaker

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The BM61 bookletmaker is a compact and simple to use machine to make booklets up to 88 pages of 80gsm paper.

The BM61 is equipped with a side jogging unit and can be connected to the C/AC 510 collator to give more automation to the booklet making process.

These versatile machines are able to saddle staple and fold up to 22 sheets of paper and can also be used to side staple or corner staple documents. Booklets with loop staples can also be produced by simply changing the stapling head.

The BM61 can take sheets from 200 x 270mm to 305 x 440mm. Various functions can be engaged or disengaged from the operator panel: manual mode, automatic mode, stapling off, or folding only, or folding off for stapling only. An additional beltstacker can be fitted to the delivery for longer runs of booklets.


SpeedUp to 1800 sets/hour
BM 60 : Sheet size, max338 x 458mm
BM 60 : Sheet size, min138 x 210mm
BM 61 : Sheet size, max305 x 440mm
BM 61 : Sheet size, min200 x 270mm
Paper weight, max250gsm
Paper weight, min60gsm
Stapler modesSaddle, edge and corner stapling
Stapler heads2
Staples210 Chisel pointed
BM 61 Dimensions including base and belt stackerW 880 x H 1280 x D 500 mm
BM 61 : Dimensions including base and belt stackerW 880 x H 1280 x D 500 mm
Product Weight55kg
BM 61 : Weight58kg