Hohner Foldnak 8 Bookletmaker

Hohner Foldnak 8 Bookletmaker

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Its versatility and short set up times make the Foldnak 8 outstanding in the production of booklets at a profit. The favourable price/benefit ratio enables you to accept even specialist orders and calculate them to your advantage. The comprehensive standard features include electric delivery (adjustable), automatic release, side jogging, copy counter, control lamp, feed control, staple empty control and staple miss control. The Foldnak 8 can also be retrofitted with a collator or Trimmer, enabling up to 2,000 booklets an hour to be collated, stapled, folded, pressed and trimmed on-line.The Foldnak 8 can be connected to all standard bench-top collators. For on-line face trimming, the Hohner Trimmer presses and trims without operator intervention. The advantages over a cutting machine are no staff required, higher working speed and no intermediate stacking. There is no need for pressing under the press bar before trimming, avoiding malfunctions and spoilage. Free choice of format Oversize format A3 to A5 possible as standard, i.e. booklets with any final size between A4 and A6. Loop staples Without converting the machine, you can use loop staples or normal staples. Up to four staples per booklet. Mobile clenchers Mobile clenchers ensure particularly longlasting brochures. Accurate spine stapling The patented Foldnak principle staples and folds consecutively without moving paper, which is why the staple always sits accurately in the fold. Minimal set up time No settings required except for side and back stops. Economical Fault sensors avoid waste such as unstapled brochures or off-centre stapling. Operation is simple. Parts subject to wear can be replaced, keeping maintenance costs low.


Speed2000 books per hour
DimensionL 610mm x W 560mm x H 870mm
Electrical requirements230v 50hz
Product weight110kg\’s
Shipping weight143kg\’s