Duplo DBM 150 Bookletmaker

Duplo DBM 150 Bookletmaker

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As a standalone unit, the Duplo DBM-150 Bookletmaker is ideal for shortrun booklet production. This bookletmaker offers various functions that allow print shops, copy centers, mail room, and offices to create a wide range of publications. While this unit typically requires handfed operation, the DBM-150 can be connected to a collator or sheet feeder for increased efficiency. In addition, your finished booklets can be face trimmed by adding the optional DBM-150T Trimmer. Built for low volume booklet production, the DBM-150 easily finishes up to a reasonable 2,400 booklets every hour. Featuring the Isaberg Rapid stapler and staple cartridge, the DBM-150 produces a high quality, flat staple every time. Capable of performing saddle, side, or corner stapling procedures, this bookletmaker utilizes two stapling heads. The high capacity staple cartridges contain an impressive 5000 staples each. The wear parts are replaced each time the cartridge is changed out. Foolproof operation is guaranteed with the Duplo DBM-150. Easy to use, this bookletmaker features automatic setup and a user-friendly control panel. The control panel lets the user program up to 16 jobs into memory, which in turn helps speed up production. The compact DBM-150 Bookletmaker is perfect for print finishing or graphics departments that are faced with limited work space. The sturdy DBM-150 weighs in at a considerable 187 lbs.


ModelDBM 150