Manual Creasing Machine Machines

Manual Creasing Machine Machines

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SRA3 & SRA2 Manual Creasing Machine Available in both manual and electric options, our range of range of creasers are great for creating creases in all kinds of paper and card. Able to cope with stock up to 460mm, and with a creasing length of over 600mm, these creasers can handle SRA3 and SRA2 size paper. Heavy duty and built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Features Creasing width 1.3mm Creasing Length 600mm Creasing Depth 0.4mm All metal construction Interchangeable die system SRA3 or SRA2 sizes


ModelCreasing Machine
Sra2 model max. working width460mm
Sra2 model max. thickness400gsm
Sra2 model creasing depth0.4mm
Sra2 model warranty1 year
Sra3 model creasing widthup to 350mm
Sra3 model creases to a maximum thickness of400gsm
Sra3 model creasing depth0.4mm
Sra3 model warranty1 year