Multigraf Touchline CPC375

Multigraf Touchline CPC375

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Introducing the new CPC375. Its principal functions are length and cross cutting, cross up and down, and both timed and continuous perforation in either length or cross directions. For lengthways perforation, it can be equipped with up to four perforating heads. Due to its dual tool module mount and a cross knife in conjunction with lateral rotating longitudinal knives, the CPC375 can perforate, cut and crease in a single operation. Such versatility means that applications such as vouchers, coupons, tickets and reply cards can be produced extremely quickly, with great finishing quality and in short or longer runs.


ModelTouchline CPC375
Cuts and creases paper weights from80 to 400 gsm
Perforates materials up to300 gsm.
Feeded byhigh capacity Mistral Feeder (a universal stacking feeder), or inline from a printing system.
Maximum sheet size370 x 1200 mm.