Duplo DFC12 Collator

Duplo DFC12 Collator

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Simple to Operate For the most straightforward of jobs, just place the required number of sheets into the bins, choose the collating mode (offset or straight stacked) and away you go. A total counter will record the number of sets collated or you can input the number of sets required and the machine will count-down. On-the-Run Loading Alternative Mode enables the collating stations to be paired-up. This means two stations can be loaded with the same sheet so that when one is exhausted, the collator will automatically switch to the other station allowing the machine to run without stoppping for maximum productivity. The empty tray can be loaded on-the-run. Offset or Straight Stacking The collator’s built-in stacking tray has two modes – straight or offset. In offset mode, each set is placed out-of-line with the previous set to enable the operator to easily identify and separate complete sets. In straight stack mode, the end result is a well knocked up block of sets. Reliable Feed Mechansim The DFC-series collators use three prependicaular rubber feed wheels to take sheets into the machine. This ensures the collators can grip all across the leading edge of the sheet to guarantee feeding of all sheet sizes from A5-A3. Modular DFC-series collators can be connected together allowing a configuration of either 10,12,20 or 24 stations. This means that as workloads change it is possible to upgrade to a 2-tower system by simply adding another tower and not buying a whole new collating system. On-line Bookletmaking (Optional) The Duplo DBM-120 booketmaker and DBM-120T trimmer can be connected online to the DFC-series collators enabling collating, bookletmaking and even booklet edge trimming to take place on a single line.


ModelDFC12 Collator
Number of bins12
Paper size (min./max.)5.83″ x 8.27″ to 12.60″ x 17.72″
Feed bin capacity1.10″
Receive bin capacity2.56″ to 3.07″
SpeedUp to 70 sets per minute or 4,200 straight stacking sets per hour
ProgrammingAlternating Program (link 2 bins), Interleave Program (slip sheet), Block Program
Paper feed bin detectionsMisfeed, double-feed, paper jam
Error detectionsPaper feed error, conveyance cover open/close, paper receive bin full, bin empty, misfeed, double-feed, paper jam, downstream processing device error, number of interleaves error
Power consumption140W 1.5-0.6A (100-240V, 50/60Hz)
Dimensions (l x w x h)24″ x 25.5″ x 45″
Weight194 lbs.
Part numberDFC-120